A basic human dignity

The right to self-defense is under attack in this country under the guise of public safety, which is ironic. The move toward more authoritarian government in the United States which is fueled by fear by way of want of security over personal freedom and government intrusion in all parts of our lives for perceived protection. Where has the traditional American distrust of government gone? The notion that the government knows best is a dangerous ideology especially when there is a big divide in this country over basic ideas, without a smaller federal government with empowered local governments, and pure free market capitalism. This country will quickly devolve into a cultural civil war that will destroy individual freedom and human dignity for everyone.

The Road to Protect Free Speech

CL AMERICA CORP is in the education business not the gun control policy space at the moment, with our projects focusing on the environmental impact of firearm use. But, the CL in our name stands for Civil Liberties. While it seems some of Cody Wilsons views may differ

Cody Wilson, owner of Defense Distributed, holds a 3-D printed gun, called the “Liberator” in his factory in Austin, Texas, on Aug.

from the values of our organization, we must stand up when his rights are violated. Let it be known we are not well educated on his beliefs, and his reasoning, so don’t take that as an endorsement or denunciation towards him. From a free speech perspective, we support Defense Distributed, and Cody Wilson’s effort and his rights and his the rights of his non-profit to publish information “giving the people the basic understanding to make weapons”.  The United States Court of Appeals for the Ninth Circuit case Bernstein v. Department of Justice established that code is free speech, that case was involving encryption software, and like Defense Distributed’s case involved International Traffic in Arms Regulations (ITAR) export restrictions. Also with current First Amendment jurisprudence, The Anarchist Cookbook also as a book on creating deadly implements as a book is completely protected. We believe if Cody Wilson published his information in the form of a book it would be completely protected with no issues, so why would the court think the modern equivalent to book publication is not protected the same?

Defense Distributed is now selling plans on its website www.defcad.com at any price you are willing to pay and shipping the material via mail which is allowed under the current federal court order. Yet, he is still unable to give the information away for free.

Now that this technology is out, and as Cody Wilson said “The debate is over” lawmakers need to create reasonable regulations, that respect the long tradition of private gun manufacturing in Texas and throughout this country. This new technology needs to be regulated in ways that protect our civil rights, and we will be working with Democrat legislators to suggest sensible controls that can be put into place.

Editors notes: Cody Wilson created a site call Hatreon which is known to allow people to give donations to people that support white supremacist idealogy, including Alt-Right founder [white ethnostate supporter] Richard B. Spencer. CL AMERICA CORP in no way shape or form supports these movements, Cody Wilson claims he created the site firmly on first amendment grounds, and not as an endorsement of these believes, and only after other sites seemed to be censoring opposing voices. Developement of the site seems to have stopped in February 2018, and we are happy about that.


Clean Up After Yourself

Shell Casings Littering Public Land

CL America Corp’s primary mission is to protect the environment period, with an emphasis on the shooting sports community. Lead bullets do damage to the environment and contaminate the water supply, people don’t clean up their shell casings after shooting on public lands creating an eyesore for others.

This Video from the TheYankeeMarshal youtube channel shows some of the damage done on public lands.

CL America Corp encourages you to clean up after you shoot, and to volunteer to clean up public lands where this has become an issue. We also recommend that you consider using new bullets that don’t contain lead.


The First Amendment is at Stake

CL America Corp a group of Texas liberals supporting the Second Amendment fully supports and endorses Cody Wilson’s Defence Distributed’s First Amendment right to disseminate plans for any and all weapons-as-code on his website defcad.com. The First Amendment is too important, and should not be diminished for ineffectual safety. To quote Cody Wilson “The debate is over [the plans are online forever]”, and to his point, this was an inevitable future he was just the first to demonstrate the effects of the democratization of manufacturing created by new technology.

Defense Distributed’s Liberator